World Record

In 1994 Sky Breakers did a bungee jump, involving 12 people. The jump was entered as a new WORLD RECORD. A special rope weighing about 100 kilos was used. The jump was a part of the programme of Helsinki Water Festival, which had an audience of several thousands of people.

Car bungy

In Car bungee, the rope is attached to a car constructed especially for the purpose. The passengers are strapped to their seats with four-point safety belts. The driver starts the car and the car dives down from a platform at a height of 50 metres. The rope has an elongation of approx. 400% and shoots the car up a couple of times. The passengers experience positive, negative and zero gravity.

Bungee jump from a hot air balloon, 1800m



Splash! festival, Germany


Volos, Greece

Dominican Republic

The bungy site in the Dominican Republic is located by the city of Santiago. The jumps are performed off a 30m bridge above the Rio Yaque river.

Bungeewalla, Kenya

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Finland's Lowest Bungy jump

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