Sky Volter

In sky volter, two rubber ropes, located at both sides, are attached to the jumper’s body harness, the ropes are then pulled taut and the jumper can perform desired tricks in the air. Even a beginner can successfully perform voltes. The height of a jump can be up to 8 metres. Similar equipment is used for training astronauts, preparing them for a zero gravity. The Sky volter jumping system is also used to practice various sports, such as gymnastics, aqua jumps, freestyle skiing, etc.


In Pub bungee, the bungee rope is attached to the runner’s harness at the back. The participant tries to stretch the rope as far as possible in order to reach, for example, a prize on the table. This is a popular form of entertainment in restaurants and various other events.


Snowboard bungee is a new competition that takes place on a mountain slope. A snowboarder or Alpine skier skis down a steep slope, trying to gain as much speed as possible before their bungee rope starts slowing them down. At the end, the slope becomes smoother and the participant tries to grab at the different prizes placed at various distances on the slope. The further he/she gets, the more expensive prizes he can win.

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